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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Conflicting Chemistry...Fashion Design and Technology

Consumer & Market board

Taking a few steps back to uni years on Fashion Design and Technology at Manchester. An insight into my final collection at university 2010...
Consumer and Market:
'A consumer with a love for life, influenced by the world around her.
In her twenties yet has this inner child giving a fun, playful and feminine outlook.
Seen as a way to escape the doom and gloom of the current economic climate.
Preferring quirky boutiques that add an original edge to her style.
Mixing bold on offs with casual add-ons fusing the look together.
Living in a fast paced life but often loving to retreat to nature, escaping from
the high tech world. Conflicting elements working together.'
Inspiration & Ingredients board
Inspiration & Ingredients:
'A juxtaposition of nature vs technology creating unexpected solutions.
Transforming the body with exaggerated shapes, outgrowths and imperfections.
Often imitating nature, creating volumising silhouettes that give a protective look.
Shielding the body like wearable sculptures or architecture giving reinforcement.
With a relaxed sporty feel and a sense of fun, not to be taken too seriously.'
Colour & Fabrics board
 Colour & Fabrics:
'Continuing the juxtaposition into the colour and fabric inspiration,
combining the technology of digital photography with the imperfections
of nature, playing with growth, rusting and moulding.
An earthy palette of versitile tones, yet with playful and eye catching brights.
Contrasting fabrics working together giving unexpected texture.
Ultra matt or shiny, stretch weaves and jersey, soft quilting and comfort.
Adding a relaxed and simplistic feel to the overall look with a sporty edge.'
The line up board
Final Collection:
This was the chosen line up of 30 outfits with flats and illustrations which had to be narrowed down to 5 to be put into production.
Final 5 outfits
 The Final 5 Outfits:
 This was the final 5 outfits which were made up for the collections photoshoot.

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