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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Earn Your Stripes

Forever drawn to cigarette trousers, I knew these Topshop beauts had to be mine. The linear stripe is so versatile and the colours look great teamed against a simple white knit...and yes I know sandals are not the most appropriate type of footwear right now but I had to get one last wear out of these Primark bargains as I will be living in boots for months to come...winter has well and truly arrived.

How amazing is this staircase too?! Let's just take a minute to appreciate THAT chandelier!! The Grosvenor in Chester made it hard to resist taking a few snaps, the whole hotel is just beautifully traditional. If you have never ventured to this hotel before I would definitely recommend it for a little weekend it's right in the middle of Chester so great for shopping too.

Sandals // Primark

K x

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